Today we are talking about procrastination, the five different types of procrastinators and some things we can do to change that mindset and motivate ourselves to do some of the things we don’t like doing.


Today we are talking about distractions, how they affect us at home, at work, & most importantly in our spiritual lives. We are going discusses how to identify theses distractions good & Bad, & how we can disarm them.

Mistakes We Make

Tonight were talking all kinds of topics, education, mistakes that we make from top to bottom. If you wanna avoid mistakes…. then don’t miss this show!

15 Ways To Make Money Now

One of the most common things I hear is people saying, “I can’t cut back my spending any more!” In the world of personal finance, there are only two things you can do to achieve financial freedom: spend less money and make more money. I have always been a fan of spending less money and there are hundreds of ways …