Are You Playing Russian Roulette?

You know that you have a service or product that can sell. You feel that the market is out there, you just have to set up a business and all will work out great. This may be true for a small number of entrepreneurs, but you are playing Russian roulette. Diligence is the key when it comes to setting up your new business.

Diligence is a must for any new business prior to start-up to be successful. There are areas with any new business, or even new business idea that must be addressed prior to start up. With diligence in the beginning, you, the entrepreneur, will have a foot up to success. Knowledge is power and this will give you a head start on what you will need to put you at the top of your game.

Following is a sample list of some of the areas that should be addressed in the prior to starting your new endeavor into the world of business. It is wonderful to want to be an entrepreneur, but it can be disastrous if diligence isn’t used prior to starting-up your new company.

Sample List of Areas to Assess Prior to Start-up:

  • Is there a need for your service or product?
  • Who is your target clients or customers?
  • Who is your competition and what do they offer to customers?
  • Can you offer something to give you an edge?
  • Where is the geographical area that would most benefit your business, and is it affordable?

You may have an awesome product or service but if it is not something that is needed or only has a limited need in your geographical area it can be a problem. By being diligent in this parts of your research you may be able to overcome the downside to this problem by being creative in your marketing or finding other means of getting your product or service to the necessary target group to grow your business.

Identifying your target clients or customers is another part of being diligent prior to becoming an entrepreneur. If there is no customer base or only a limited number for what you offer, then you may have to take another route to be successful. This gives you an opportunity to explore what is most need in your area of expertise. It lets you know just what your potential customers are looking for with your business.

When you, the entrepreneur, know who your competition is and what they are offering, it gives you a foot up to success. You will want to think about what you can offer to your customers that is unique. It should be something that relates to your business and has value for the consumer. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be useful and unique to your business.

A large part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is being in the right place at the right time. For example, if you are a hardware store you wouldn’t want it located in the middle of clothing boutiques and souvenir shops. For one customers looking for hammers aren’t interested in what is the latest clothing design and if they live in the area they will not need or want souvenirs.  This is unless you have something that caters to their needs and wants. Look for areas that people shop and would be looking for items that can be purchased from your store. Some areas may be perfect for your new but is not affordable. Diligence in finding the right spot is a must to success.

As an entrepreneur being diligent in your research of key aspects to your new business is a large part of helping you to be successful. It gives you an understanding of the needs for your services or products in your specific area. The key to success with a start-up business is knowing what you may be up against. Diligence and understanding how to handle different aspects may be difficult, but there is help available to guide and instruct you on your path to success such as a business coach.

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