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They have taught me how to (continually) master my mind – a complete shift on how I approach things. This change in approach has transitioned me from being just a manager to being the leader of my business. This shift has enabled some great conversations with my team. I am now teaching them and helping enable their expedited growth. My business is experiencing tremendous new growth! This program has been invaluable and I enjoy sharing the nuggets and principles I learn with everyone I meet.
Stephen Preston
CEO, Red Sky Studios
When I first came to David Hall, my business was stable. I was getting paid. Bills were taken care of, but we had never experienced “explosive growth.” I knew that was something I wanted and needed for the betterment of my family and security in our future. I was in a position where I had one part-time employee and was struggling to make that work consistently. Since being a part of the program, I have created better systems, improved services as well as went from one part-time employee to multiple full-time, part-time and temporary employees. Revenue has never been better!

Combined with David’s no-nonsense teaching style and his own successful business experience, I get a ton of value from the program. The team gives it to you straight and the time is very well spent. One of my first takeaways was “leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.” I always sort of knew this, but my time with David and Trustway has made it personal for me and my business. With the actionable items that we have worked through so far, I have been able to apply them to my business. Now, because of the program, I am setting up my second business and ready for my next stream of income.

Mark Medlin
CEO, American Digital Agency

David has a keen eye for business. Sometimes you can get lost and not see the big picture, and David took an afternoon and showed it to me. We are so much better off now. I am more profitable, and my clients are happier than ever.

Pete Pritchard
Vice-President, Wide Open Signs