Staff Meeting Time Savers

Have you found that staff meetings get off track with a lot of time spent that was not planned in your time management scheme of things for your business? Don’t worry this happens to a lot of businesses. This is especially true for the new entrepreneur that has employees. The reason for this may not seem clear, or it may be to clear; and you are having difficulty making the necessary changes to put this type of meeting in an appropriate time frame. It is not always the employees that can get off task and lose track of time.

Evaluate the meetings for a couple of weeks to see what happens during this time.

  • Is there someone that always seems to be late for the meeting?
  • Do you have those that always seem to miss meetings and then isn’t aware of the information that they need for your business?
  • Does everyone know the start time with an end time to the meeting?
  • Are there specific items that need to be addressed by specific members of your team, and do they have it ready?
  • Do you have someone who interrupts frequently?
  • What happens when you get off topic?

These seem to be some of the most popular reasons that staff meetings cost a lot in time.

It is generally a good idea for someone to take notes for the meeting that you are having. If you have someone frequently late or missing, especially with poor excuses, take note of this. It may be something that you must address with the individuals. This is especially true if this is part of your strategy time for growth, or needing to handle specific issues that have come up during the week.

Set an example for your employees that attend the meeting. If there is a reason that you must be late that is unforeseeable have someone else start or hold the meeting.

How to Keep Control Over Your Staff Meetings:

  1. One of the best methods for any business that is having problems staying on track during staff meetings, is to have a layout of what is going to be covered in the meeting. Give a copy to each person attending the meeting. This gives everyone an idea of what needs to be cover and allows them to take notes or write questions they may have if needed.
  2. Those that miss or are late for the meeting need to know that they are responsible for information that was given out during the meeting.
  3. Let staff know that you are open to questions and there will be a time given for these at the end of the meeting. If someone needs extra time for an area that was covered during the meeting, now is when you should set up a specific time to review the area that needs further discussion. Most questions can be answered and should be answered during the meeting.
  4. Don’t let the question answer session get off track with other items being thrown in. This is not the time to discuss grievances or problems unrelated to the meeting at hand.
  5. Let employees know the start and stop time for the meeting so that they are aware of a need to move on in their day.

The type of business you have will dictate the number of staff meetings that you schedule during your work week or month.

Time savers for the entrepreneur or any business means a cost savings while supplying the information needed to cover aspects to your specific business. Realistically, you may not always stay within a time frame for staff meetings but letting the staff know ahead of time what is expected during your meeting will save you valuable time. This means more time on business and less time for things that don’t pay.

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