Continued Training: Is It Worth It?

For a lot of entrepreneurs as well as established business owners feel that continued training for employees is a waste of time and money. This is in most cases simply not true. Time and money can be saved with the education that is appropriate to the type of business you own. Whether it is formal or informal training it does make a business operate better and gives the employees a benefit that is a lot less expensive for any company. It is part of the growth process for your business.

Look at some of the top 5 benefits of training for employees:

  1. Improves employees’ performance.
  2. Increased feelings of satisfaction by helping employees to feel a part of the business.
  3. Empowering employees.
  4. Everyone is on the same page with aspects of the business operations and growth.
  5. Introduces new methodology and changes that always go with businesses.

Most businesses feel that continued training after the employee’s initial orientation is a waste of time and money. Much of continued training is, unfortunately, worthless per McKinsey & Co… “It was shown during a survey in 2010 that only 25% of respondents felt that training programs improved employees’ performance.” This is simply not the case unless your training program is not set up correctly.

It has been demonstrated that training helps to accomplish employee and business goals. Employees that are well trained, in general, need less supervision freeing up others to work on task that keeps the business growing. Business-Know-How states “Employees who understand the business complain less, are more satisfied, and are more motivated. All this leads to better management-employee relationships.”

Business education and training for owners and management is a necessary part of growth for any business. There are training programs that will enhance the growth of your business. The benefits far outweigh the cost of providing continued training. It is a win, win solution for employers and employees.

Businesses that do not provide for continued education or feel that this aspect of the business is a waste of money may not have the right ongoing training program. Not only does continued training benefit entrepreneurs as well as long term employers but adds to overall company improvement and growth. It has been shown that employees’ performance, job satisfaction, as well as employees feel empowered with a sense of accomplishment. Business improves with continuity practices. In addition, training decreases the frustration and problems associated with implementation of new products or services.

There is help available for businesses that need guidance in this area. You are not alone, as many businesses don’t understand the need for continued training and development. Creating an effective training program can feel overwhelming, especially for entrepreneurs. Without a working training program that is appropriate for your business employee turnover and continuity becomes a challenge that can slow the growth of your business. Visit us now to see how we can help you in your business. We provide training and education in all aspects of the business. Business education and training for owners and management is a necessary part of growth. You oil your machinery to keep it running smoothly why would you not do this for your business.

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