Procrastinate Procrastinating

“The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing.” – Proverbs 20:4

What do you get by procrastinating? Nothing.

The Bible frequently calls the procrastinator a “sluggard.” A fitting name, the picture you get when you think of the sluggard is a slug. Procrastination is the exact opposite of being proactive. This can be disastrous in our financial lives.

The sluggard procrastinates doing the things that lead to success. Financially, we have steps that we MUST go through in order to ensure our future. When you procrastinate, you do nothing for the world around us. Not only are you not a blessing to your household, you cannot be a blessing to others around you. The sluggard in this way doesn’t leave the world around them better than you found it, in many cases, the world is left poorer for it.

With wisdom, we understand that our time on this earth is limited. We can’t get time or money that is misspent back.

Where is your knowledge and skill level in dealing with your finances? Are you in growth mode or are you in a rut? Do you have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to your success and finances or are you diving in feet first and going after freedom for your family? By procrastinating, you’re only putting off reaching your dreams and goals in life. Procrastinate procrastinating and growing in life!

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