You Might Fear Success and Not Know It

Achievemephobia – The Fear of Success I know, I know… This sounds crazy. Why would someone fear success? Doesn’t everyone want to be successful? Theoretically, yes. In all the years I have been teaching, coaching, training and speaking to people, I have never had anyone tell me that they want to be a complete failure and have aspirations of being …

Are You Living Life On Autopilot?

Are you living life on autopilot? What’s the difference between living and living life abundantly? We’re discussing questions to ask yourself regularly to make sure that you’re behind the driver’s seat of life. Find your true path to success. Kevin and I are asking the questions and talking about how they apply to us as well. Don’t miss this one!


Today we are talking about procrastination, the five different types of procrastinators and some things we can do to change that mindset and motivate ourselves to do some of the things we don’t like doing.

Procrastinate Procrastinating

“The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing.” – Proverbs 20:4 What do you get by procrastinating? Nothing. The Bible frequently calls the procrastinator a “sluggard.” A fitting name, the picture you get when you think of the sluggard is a slug. Procrastination is the exact opposite of being proactive. This …