Today’s Attacks

“So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” – James 1:4

Today the devil is attacking mindsets, relationships and God-promised prosperity. Like an incessant bee, he is buzzing around, aggravating, agitating and frustrating. He has no real power over us. He only has the power we give him. Often, we don’t see when we give him the power, but it shows up in our lives as:

– “I can’t” Thoughts – Whatever you think you can’t do, banish that thought immediately. The scripture tells us that through Christ, “all things are possible.” Not some things, not a few things, but ALL things. God has given us dominion over this earth and we can’t allow ourselves to give it away to the devil.

– Arguing with Spouse – God created marriage as a 3-fold cord. The Bible says a 3-fold cord is not easily broken. Often when we are fighting with our spouse, it’s because we are letting the devil attack and pull God out of our 3rd strand. The devil’s successful attack on Adam & Eve paved the way for his brazen attempts at constantly attacking the most sacred union. Put God back in the cord.

– Decreasing Faith – You can’t have fear and faith at the same time. They’re mutually exclusive. God gives the authority and control, but it is up to us to use it. The devil, through the world, will try to convince us that we’re broke and broken. That is not God’s promise. Deuteronomy says, “Remember the Lord for it is He who gives you the power to build wealth.” Prosperity is not just about money. It is about wealth in all things: finances, relationships, careers, etc. But the key word in this passage is “power.” God gives us the power. It’s our choice whether we use it or not. The devil will try to convince you that someone else has power and control over you. Take that thought back today!

Endurance is required. He will keep coming, but the victory belongs to you!

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